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As the basis of my work I have drawn a forty-page comic. This sculpture is a life-size model kit of my comic figure Pazarack. It is based on an industrially manufactured injection-molded frame in which various individual parts of a model kit are arranged. 

"For the Hobby Heart" is a tribute to an earlier hobby of mine. Assembling and painting of tabletop figures once showed me the way to my own modelling. For a long time, I`ve been deeply commited to that hobby culture, the high demand on details has continued to draw through my work. So has my interest in science fiction and its genres, which are represented in literature, film, comics and pop culture. Another important aspect that guided me was the visual relationship between the structure of the casting frame and the arrangement of the panels within the comic. In addition, there is an absurd moment of proportions, the miniature becomes life-size and the viewer may become a miniature himself. It remains the freedom to imagine the construction kit assembled in an individual way and to invent your own story with the figure.





I connected my different working medias and interests within this specific piece. The installation refers to traditional dioramas, model making, movie effects, story telling and painting. It combines many different materials, such as styrofoams, wood, plaster, epoxy resin, found objects and digital equipment. The green screen fabric was used with the idea of a blank canvas, the place where everything is possible, and so to abstract the floor and background. This decision would link to cinema and open up the required space for the viewer to complete the setting with her/his own imagination. 

The obligation of the curator lead to the point, that the green screen had to be used. So in the exhibition, a video of found nature footage was keyed and showed on a screen, next to the installation. The idea behind that decision was to transport the "real/human" world into the piece. The entire installation was built within about one and a half month.


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