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I was born in 1993 and grew up in Seltisberg,

close to Basel. Since I was a kid I loved drawing

and creating things with my hands. Early I've been fascinated with nature, dinosaurs and fossils, anatomy, fiction and fantasy. Growing up in a christian community, where monsters and magic were tabooed,

I got even more interested in darker themes. 

As a teenager I developed a passion for painting Tabletop miniatures and building model-kits and sceneries. During this time, I also became interested in character design, creatures and monsters.  

My main medias are drawing, painting and sculpting. 

In September 2019 I did the Master degree in Fine Arts at Institut Kunst, HGK Basel. At the moment I am searching for employment within the field of film/theatre and doing some comissioned works. 

Feel free to contact me if you could use my work or if you would like to purchase any of it. 

Manuel Guldimann




appearances so far:



2013    Farbklex, Liestal

            Kulturnacht, Aesch

            Props for MIRCompagnie, Basel

2014    DOK, Basel

            Just A Jam Graffitti, Zunzgen

2015    Basisaustellung Institut Kunst, Kunsthaus Baselland

            JKON, Schützi, Olten

            Bizarre Beach and Other Tales, Intercoiffure Daniela Guldimann, Liestal

2016    Basisausstelllung Institut Kunst, HGK, Basel

            Props for „Der Basler Trichter“, Theater Basel

2017    Artachment, Basel

            Ein Kuriositätenkabinett, Kabinett der Visonäre, Chur 

            Tikibar, Restaurant Platanenhof, Basel

            Bachelor Diplomausstellung, Kunsthaus Baselland

2018    Holzhalle Bahnhof St. Johann, Basel 

            Tikibar, Restaurant Platanenhof, Basel

            Comicfest, Restaurant Hirscheneck, Basel

2019    Souterrain Festival, Kaschemme, Basel

            I Never Read, Art book fair, Kaserne Basel

            Comicfest, Restaurant Hirscheneck, Basel 

            Master Diplomausstellung, Kunsthaus Baselland 

            Baleo Center, Basel

            Record release for Corpus Delicti& Francois Boulanger, Restaurant Hirscheneck, Basel

2020    Comicfest, Sommercasino Basel

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