Lately I'm working on several band artworks, all based in the Rock and Metal music genre.

These are two recent poster collaborations with Noé Hermann for australian doom and psychedelic bands Holy Serpent, Fuzzmeadows,

Honeybone, Mammon's Throne and VVarp.

More artworks following soon!



I‘ve been wanting to do this comic for a long time. Since about 5 years my thoughts slip into this other world from time to time. There‘s this watery planet covered by weird islands and grotesque life forms in my head. And somehow it doesn‘t get boring. BUT after spending so much time dwelling in a fictional world it was about time to get something onto paper! The result is just a glimpse, but I guess you gotta start SOMEWHERE..

The plot takes place within a weird island world and revolves around the main character Pazarack, an amphibious being who sets off on a journey to his recently injured grandparents.

The volume is 54 pages including sketches, prewords and credits.

Contact me if you'd like to get a copy. 



As the basis of my work I have drawn a forty-page comic (see above). This sculpture is a life-size model kit of my comic figure Pazarack. It is based on an industrially manufactured injection-molded frame in which various individual parts of a model kit are arranged. 

"For the Hobby Heart" is a tribute to an earlier hobby of mine. Assembling and painting of tabletop figures once showed me the way to my own modelling. For a long time, I`ve been deeply commited to that hobby culture, the high demand on details has continued to draw through my work. So has my interest in science fiction and its genres, which are represented in literature, film, comics and pop culture. Another important aspect that guided me was the visual relationship between the structure of the casting frame and the arrangement of the panels within the comic. In addition, there is an absurd moment of proportions, the miniature becomes life-size and the viewer may become a miniature himself. It remains the freedom to imagine the construction kit assembled in an individual way and to invent your own story with the figure.